New 3D logic games inspired by an old puzzle

There is nothing new to say about Rubik’s Cube. One of the best selling toys of all time was invented by Hungarian architect Erno Rubik more then 30 years ago, presents logical problem very well  explained by now. However, the  old puzzle doesn’t stop to inspire,  new software technologies makes it possible to develop quite innovative games on that concept. Next few paragraphs will try to describe some, of many free 3D puzzle games online, that are obviously derived from Magic Cube but yet implied problems are quite different.

Qubrix Brain Twister

As it is said on it’s Web page, presents problem similar to the one found in Rubik’s Cube. On the second look, however, only what is similar is the basic task of putting together a scrambled set of cubes but both, the cubes setting and the combinatorics behind the problem is completely different. And yes, level of difficulty is probably similar.

Monica in Qubrix

Qubrix Brain Twister – initial screen

Standard version of Qubrix consists of nine cubes disposed in a 3X3 manner so that, while they have initial orientations, an image is shown on the front face. There are six images, one for each side of the cube, and players have option to chose their own, any available on the net can be used. After clicking play button an automatic scrambling sequence is started.

Coco Austin scrambled in Qubrix

Qubrix brain Twister – scrambled

After scrambling is finished player gets a four arrow interface enabling him to rotate cubes around vertical or horizontal axes.  In each level adjacent cubes are geared to each other using different pattern,  apart of the first, easiest level where all the cubes are free ie. disconnected, when you rotate one cube one or more adjacent are also rotating. Considering variety of patterns used for connecting the cubes combinatorics behind is significantly different for each level only for the level five it should be very similar to Rubik’s Cube.

User interface is quite simple, arrows follows movement of the cursor and clicking the MENU button turns on/off starting screen. Because problem is rather difficult there is an option to restart level during the game, ie. to choose easier or heavier one.  Also, it is possible to pick up one particular image to solve just by repeated clicking on the LEVEL button few times.

Introduction to Qubrix Brain Twister

Try it for free at official Qubrix Brain Twister web page.

3D Logic

The famous 3D logic puzzle from Alex Matveev. Rotate the magic cube with your mouse and connect fields with the same color. You have completed a cube, if all color pairs are linked. You can not connect cells diagonally and black cells are blocked. You can clear the complete cube and undo the last step with the buttons on the bottom. Have fun!

3D Logic game

3D Logic game

3-D Logic looks very similar to Rubik’s Cube but much more challenging. It involves colors and squares on a cube, but it’s a very different beastie; this game makes you rethink every approach you make. Click on the main color squares to change the color of the grey squares. Use this ability to link colors into chains. Like many great games, this takes a simple idea and makes it compelling. ” –


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